Darren Berkey

Concentric holes in 1 callout?

Discussion created by Darren Berkey on Jul 7, 2008
My coworker was missing a file path for the Hole Callout Format file, so when he inserted a hole callout, it did it based on geometry and had all the hole diameters and depths that were concentric. For example, a .16 x 1.02 deep, .80 (thread size) .80x90°, .69 x .69 deep. The only thing it was missing was the actual thread callout.

On my system, the file location was correct, and it gives me .69 x .69 deep, 3/4-16 UNF x .50 deep, .80 x 90°. The only thing missing here is the secondary hole that is drilled .16 x 1.02.

Are we going to have to edit the calloutformat file, and if so, how do I designate that I want all holes drilled on that axis called out together? Some of our holes step to 3 or 4 different sizes, and I didn't see that much flexibility in hole wizard. Any direction would be appreciated!