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Discussion created by Jeff Holliday on Jul 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2008 by Barry Mendell

We currently use PDMWorks Workgroup as follows successfully. There is a primary revision range consisting of "0-99" and a secondary list "-, A, B ...". Sequential rev block is checked. The Lifecycles allow "Prelims" to carry the primary (numeric) designation. When changed to "released" the rev designator becomes alpha. This works fine for us.

Recently I have been requested to add another sub-set to the rev designations to handle more minor revs. For example, a mispelling change made to a prelim drawing may be "02.01". A similar change to a released drawing would be "B.01".

My initial thought was to use the tertiary level for this requirement. In lifecyles, I could allow primary (01) to be combined with tertiary (.01) to get "01.01". The problem is that I cannot find a way to turn off the secondary set. Even though my lifecycle rule has just primary and tertiary checked, I still end up with a rev which includes the secondary - for example "02-.01" The secondary cannot seem to be turned off. Similarly, if I have a "released" lifecycle drawing, I cannot get the primary designator to not show - for example "02A.01".

Has anyone run into this?