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Inserting Components

Question asked by Dean Sansone on Jul 7, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2008 by Svetlana Antiperovitch
I am having some troubles when inserting components into a route. I can get my route started from a flange, usually my starting point, and i can insert other flanges and pipe with no problems... What i am struggling with is the insertion of elbows... For one, when i insert and elbow, i drag and drop the elbow into the route and it automatically will attach itself to the pipe, at a point i specify. However, once it is inserted (dragged and dropped), there is no way for me to specify in which direction the elbow points. It seems like it is auto set to be fixed to the pipe in a certain direction and i cannot rotate the elbow... Say for instance the elbow inserts in and is running parallel to the x-axis, how would i rotate that elbow to run parallel to the y-axis? The other problem i am running into with elbow insertion, is that once i insert an elbow once, say a 90 degree LR elbow, it will not allow me to insert that same elbow again... I am having to insert a short radius instead... I figured that once an elbow was used in a route as long as it was reused and in the same configuration and everything, that it could be used again? Not sure why i am having a problem with this...

I am also having trouble using 3D sketch based routes. I know that you are supposed to be able to just draw a 3D sketch, and a route should be created based on that 3D sketch, inserting custom fittings where needed (86 degree elbows and such)... Well once i start to edit the 3D sketch that the route is based on and i try to add in these 86 degree lines in hopes of an elbow actually being created, nothing happens. I end up with a sketch line that does nothing but stay as a sketch line.