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Configurations not working...

Question asked by 1-1NHKU5 on Jul 6, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2008 by Greg Van Arsdale
The context of this problem is that we need to generate dozens (if not hundreds) of configurations for batch simulation with FloWorks. A product configurator approach will not work, FloWorks needs distinct configurations that the batch solver can load for each run.

I have a sub-assembly that is entirely driven from two alignment sketches, one on the front plane and the other on the right plane.

The dimensions on these sketches were used to generate several different configurations. We used design tables to easily generate the configurations.

The sub-assembly works as expected when opened by itself: You change configs and the various parts on the sub-assembly adjust as required.

This sub-assembly is used within the top-level assembly to be tested in FW. A couple of parts within the top-level assembly are driven from sketch elements in the sub-assembly mentioned above.

Configurations are created in the top-level assembly that call-up the required configs on each sub-assembly. And this is where the problem surfaced...

In the sub-assy there's an extruded feature that is defined to line up to a point (intersection of two lines) in one of the sketches. When switching configs within the sub-assy this works flawlessly. However, when selecting the same configurations from the top-level assy the sub-assembly model refuses to modify this extruded feature. Everything else that is sketch-driven seems to work. Even other parts within the top-level assembly that look at the sub-assy sketches work fine...but I can't seem to get the sub-assembly to work.

The top level assy behaves as though the sub-assy only had one configuration.

This makes it impossibly to analyze a bunch of different configurations with FW because each run cannot load a properly executed variant.

There's another quirk. If I open the sub-assy and change configurations by hand, the top-level assy will "inherit" this configuration as though this were the only config for this assembly.

Usine SW/FW 2008 with the latest updates installed.