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      I'm new to cosmos world. what's the difference between COSMOSWorks and COSMOSM?
        • COSMOSWorks vs COSMOSM
          Steven Dinsdale
          I am not entirely sure, but I think COSMOSWorks is the standard linear COSMOS program, whereas COSMOSM does nonlinear, frequency, thermal, etc, analysis.
          • COSMOSWorks vs COSMOSM
            Anthony Botting
            Hello Tim: Here's the breakout: COSMOSM is the formal name of the the original product that many people simply refer to as "COSMOS". It is stand-alone FEA and you can import multiple CAD models to it. It has an interface known as GeoSTAR which looks alot like ANSYS (a black window with a command interpreter and commands available for a picking device). It is still available, and is "Full-blown"- you can do everything. When SolidWorks software came around, the developers created a product called "COSMOS/Works", with the end result of full CAD integration with SolidWorks. It now comes in flavors as "COSMOSWorks Designer", "COSMOSWorks Professional", and "COSMOSWorks Advanced Professional". Current plans are to migrate functionality from COSMOSM into the COSMOSWorks product line, but it is not yet complete. COSMOSWorks Designer = linear, elastic, static, stress, strain, displacement. COSMOSWorks Professional = Designer + thermal + frequency + buckling + optimization + fatigue + drop test +(a few other items). COSMOSWorks Advanced Professional = Professional + Advanced Dynamics and Nonlinear + the COSMOSM product (GeoSTAR interface). Hope this helps a bit. Sincerely, Tony
            • COSMOSWorks vs COSMOSM
              thanks anthony, certainly helped.