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Combining part config in BOM for certain parts

Question asked by Erik Balle on Jul 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2008 by Eddie Cyganik
Is there a way to combine the different configurations of a part in a BOM into one item, but not all parts with configurations. We don't want all parts with configurations to be listed as one item like hardware parts that have multiple configurations for the different sizes. It looks like you can group multiple rows into one item number but it does not list them once and add all the confiuration quantities up and put the total on one line. We need this functionality for some parts that have different configurations for different positions of the part, like a bellows or a spring, it is the same part but the assembly may have it in multiple locations but using differnt configurations for the differnt postitions. SolidWorks should have a check box in the part file (combine all part configurations into one item in a BOM) this should also be available for assembly files also (like a air cylinder assembly that has differnt position configurations).