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    dimensions: auto fractions-to-decimals, and decimal places

    Michael Gera

      A couple questions about fractions and decimals in drawing dimensioning:


      1.  My dimensions, by default, display as fractions, which is what I want.  When I have a dimension that is not "a proper fraction" (for example, .130" as opposed to .125"), I will go in and manually override the units, setting them to decimal.  Is there a way to set my drawing template file up to that it automatically displays "non proper fraction" dimensions as decimals?


      2.  Is there a way to program a shortcut key to change a fractional dimension to decimal?


      3.  This is is a bit strange: if I select a group of fractional dimensions and then set a decimal override, my default 3-place accuracy (.000) gets changed to 2-place accuracy (.00).  Why is this, and is there a way to fix this?


      Thanks for any help!