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Help for adding and printing the company logo on a cylinder surface

Question asked by Jia Wang on Jul 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2008 by Jia Wang
Hi, there, I got a problem to print our company logo onto a cylinder surface, I am using SW 2K8 and was asked to put our company logo onto a cylinder surface. The current available logo picture I have is just JPEG file. I did it this way. I used texture in SW to put it on the cylinder surface, and it looks like a logo. However, this logo has problems because it just can be printed out only one time after you open the sldprt file. So every time if you want to print the logo, you have to reopen the file and print it. This is my first problem. Another problem is that I want to put an assembly into a drwing file( that assembly include the logoed part), and that problem become even worse because I failed to print the logo out, even I reopened the file every time. I am wondering do you have any idea for this problem. Is there has some better way to deal with the logo.

I checked with Charles and he suggested to put my question here and also let me try to use wrap to make a logo. I tried to do that but failed. The procedure I did that is: Firstly I created a plane which is parallel to the axis of the cylinder, then I sketch on that plane and use TOOLS/SKETCH TOOLS/SKETCH tools picture to put and adjust the logo picture on to that plane. Then I tried to use wrap but it always fail me, and tell me it is an open contour. I am not sure which part I did wrong in the procedure, could anyone give me some information to fix this problem.

I appreciate your help.