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Multiple DesignTables in one Excel File

Question asked by 1-CQ45YA on Jul 2, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2010 by Jeetendra Prasad
Like the title says, is it possible to use multiple worksheets in one Excel File for multiple Design Table?

At the moment I have 13 Excel sheets for parts, subassembly and the total assembly. Due to the old reference system of Excel, no/bad relative paths system, some of the links get broken when I move the files.

I would like to replace those 13 Excel files with 1 Excel file, with multiple (13) worksheet. I already tried it before, but then I got stuck because I only could assign the "Family" header once in a Excel file. Besides this, I also haven't seen the option to link to a specific worksheet in SolidWorks for Design Tables. Am I missing something or isn't it possible.

If not I think they really should try to implement it, because it saves time and resources to manage all of the Excel files and is much more orderly.