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Discussion created by David Adam on Jul 2, 2008
I installed it yesterday for the first time. Actually rendered some of my project models that I saved in 2009 and then opened in photoview. It came in correctly with the referenced material. I like the simplicty of the UI and the few changes you can make, and then I wish I had more ways to control but I know it is a Beta.

The Background is an issue, there needs to be a way to make more changes like maybe have it plain white, gradation, apply your own etc.. , I guess you can get that with the alpha channnel but I feel that has to be improved (I have seen quite a few posts on this). I have this also running on a 64bit machine and that seems to give me errors if I try to click between good, better, best, max, settings. My M90 laptop does not have that problem.

At this point I feel that the translation of material is cool but I feel that the application of the materials inside photoview gives better results. SO in the future as this improves I may just go straight there. Maybe have a way to save display states or visual configurations here.

On the selection I also wish there was a way that as you scroll over the model it highlights where you will apply what material, maybe the cursor changes to your material icon you have selected and then as you scroll over you see the different faces or solids highlight. Just an idea. I feel like there needs to be more feedback there. It would also be nice the see the current applied materials somewhere.

ANother observation in my workflow. I work with a few older designers 55+ who are incredible artists with pen and paper but are staying away from the computer. It would be cool that they would have accress to something as simple as this to tweak some of the colors in real time and send it back to me or the client. THere has been nights of back and forth just to get the sheen on the metallic blue just right. This would take the yelling and screaming out of that equation. Kind of like edrawings.

Bottom line I rendered a product I have been working on in 5 minutes saved it and liked the end result. It crashed a few times during that but that was to be expected. Actually the most times that it crashes is when I reapply a material, going between metal and plastic etc..

I will keep playing with it,


David Adam