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    Split lines in an assembly

    Cadd Committee
      I am working on an assembly that I need to create split lines in so I can localize the force loads being applied. Normally I would simply apply the split line at the part level, but this is an imported assembly and the individual parts can not be removed, so I am forced to create this at the assembly level.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance.
        • Split lines in an assembly
          Steven Dinsdale
          As far as I know you cannot create split lines in an assembly. I think I remember reading in the forums there is some way to save an assembly as a part or a solid body or something so that you can use split lines. Hopefully someone else has more info for you!

            • Split lines in an assembly
              Deepak Gupta
              Edit the part in the assembly mode and do the spliting. Finish the part editing. Save your assembly and you are done.
                • Split lines in an assembly
                  Cadd Committee
                  That was the problem, it would not let me edit the part in the assembly mode since they were imported solid bodies that made up the assembly, nor would it let me open the individual imported body that I needed to apply split lines onto. However, I realized shortly after I posted my original question that the "assembly" that consists of all the imported bodies is not really an assembly file at all, it's a part file, which was then brought into the top level assembly that I was working on. I guess I should have looked a little closer at the filenames/icons a little sooner. Once I saw this, I simply opened the part "assembly" and did my split lines there.

                  Sorry for the mix up.