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Measure in Section View

Question asked by Rob Lembke on Jul 1, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2008 by Rob Lembke
I can't say this is something I personally use that often but I have a few users who use the functionality quite often. I'm asking this on their behalf.

In a regular view of a model, if you make selections that you wish to measure and then open the measure dialog, those selections are populated into the measure window automatically.

However, if you are in a section view, make similar selections and then toggle the measure tool, these selections are not populated into the measure window. You have to open the measure window first and then make the selections.

We have just updated to SW2008 in the past week and these users believe this is a change from 2007. I'm curious if this is a change made on purpose, if there is an option somewhere that toggles this behavior or if anyone else has experienced this change.