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    PDMwE and Equallogic SANs

    Steve Hudak
      Looking to reach out to any groups utilizing Equallogic SAN solutions within their PDMwE environments. We will have multiple sites globally where SANs are implemented, and have remote sites connecting to them for drawing access. Anyone utilizing built-in SAN replication for Database high availability/disaster recovery? Any tips/resources would be greatly appreciated!

        • PDMwE and Equallogic SANs
          Matthew Lennard

          Did you get anywhere with this, as my company is looking to install a SAN network.


            • PDMwE and Equallogic SANs
              Joy Garon
              Hi Guys,

              While I personally do not have any experience with SAN's, here is what little I do know:
              Storage Access Network (SAN) and Network Access Storage (NAS) solutions are gaining popularity.
              Unfortunately both solutions potentially come with a performance penalty depending on configuration. The best performance is delivered by a set-up in which hard drives are directly connected to the bus via the SAS interface on the same computer that hosts the file vault service.

              Hope this helps.

            • PDMwE and Equallogic SANs
              Corey Vantilborg

              We recently began using an Equallogic SAN solution with our PDMWE. It was extremely simple to set up.

              Our benchmarking shows a slight performance increase over our previous file Vault(a SCSI internal drive array). We expect this to increase as we move client systems over to a gigabit network.

              We are not using the SAN replication functionality with anything relating to PDMWE, Im aware this defeats the purpose of a SAN.

              You may have issues hosting your SQL database on a SAN because the SAN might not have 100% availibiltiy.