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What is SL1 file?

Discussion created by Cadd Committee on Jun 30, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2008 by Darren Berkey
I am in the process of setting up an analysis for frame with bolted connections. I have many bolted connections, and when I try to run the analysis I get an error message saying "SOURCE SURFACE NOT DEFINED IN SL1 FILE AT BOLT CONN IDXX." So I delete the bolted connection indicated, try to run the analysis again, and it will give the same error again at another location. I've searched the forum and the knowledge base but didn't find anything that really applied to me. The responses there dealt with things that don't apply to my situation. I am not using countersunk bolts, and I do not have remote loads.

Now, the weird thing is, I have bolted connections going thru parts in four locations, two of the locations are just fine, no problems at all, but the connections on the other side of the same part continously give the same error message. I've tried copying and redefining the bolted connection from the place where it works to the place where it didn't work, I've tried deleting and creating the bolted connection new, each time I get the same message.

Can someone tell me what this error message means and/or what I can look at to see what is going wrong? I am running SW Office Premium 2008 x64 edition, SP3.1.


Bob Hoffman