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UV mapping from SolidWorks to PhotoView not working

Question asked by Kevin Quigley on Jun 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2008 by Kevin Quigley
Following on from my earlier comments avout mapping I have been playing around with RealView in SW2009 beta and can get the controller surface to map correctly using realview, combined with the PhotoWorks texture mapping option "Surface" or "Planar".

See screenshots from RealView and PhtooWorks.

If I save this file, then open in PhotoView however, the mapping attributes set up inside SolidWorks do not carry through. See screenshot - this is imported and rendered - no material added in PhotoView.

There are two issues here.

1. All mapping set up in SW should carry through.
2. The mapping CAN be achieved in SolidWorks using RealView with the PhotoWorks add in switched on (to get access to the mapping options - when this add in is off, you have no mapping options).

Which leads us nicely to how easy is it to include the PhotoWorks mapping attributes in all SolidWorks offerings to accompany the RealView?

It just seems a bit of an awkward run around for companies with mixed installations (say 10 Standard, 3 or 4 Professional) to require that the file is reopened in a Professional equipped workstation to remap the textures already applied by another designer. Surely the workflow would be, set up on any machine view RealView, open on a PhotoView machine and render or tweak materials. Mapping should stay put by default.

(Aside - this also shows that realistically PhotoView is the future - in terms of ease of setup, qualityof image and speed - why use PhotoWorks if you could sort out mapping and decals in PV?)