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Does service pack 4.0 fix PDM Enterprise BOM's

Question asked by Erik Balle on Jun 27, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2008 by Erik Balle
On some assemblies I can not get the all the custom properties to show on the BOM. I have to Ctrl-Q all subassembly configurations and check them in again then Ctr-Q the top level assembly and check in. It looks like most will get fixed after I do this, that is why they need a super Ctrl-Q that goes into each subassembly and regens all configurations so when you check in the top level assembly the BOM will show all the custom properties. I looks like some of the sheet metal parts that have been mirrored will not show description or material custom propertis even though the data card shows them in the individual parts. So right now it looks like we can not get completely filled out BOM's out of PDM Enterprise. It looks like we will have to wait until we get a ERP system to get complete mechanical BOM's, we are looking at Intuitive Manufacturing ERP, they have a module that links to SolidWorks assemblies and it will compare assembly components with items that are in the ERP system, you can tell it what items to have linked to the ERP system and if a custom property or quanty changes in SolidWorks it will update the ERP system automatically. The ERP system will have the complete BOM that includes non-model components like wire, electrical connectors, grease ect for each assembly. I saw a demo on this and it looks good, has anyone used it? Epicor Vista ERP says they have a module that links to SolidWorks also