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    Resequencing a Hole Table

    Neil Havlak
      Hello all,

      Is there any possible way to resequence a hole table? It may seem nit-picky but there are a lot of holes and it would be easier if they were listed in the order i need them in.

      thank you

      Neil H.
      Design Engineer
      Vt. Composites
        • Resequencing a Hole Table
          Brian Lindahl
          It cleans the table up a lot to RMB in the table, and "combine same size", but that does not allow you to specify one hole before another. You can RBM on a column and "sort" either "ascending" or "descending" if you need arranged by that type of a sort algorithm.

          Hope one of these helps get the table ordered to your liking.
            • Resequencing a Hole Table
              Neil Havlak
              Thanks for the hint,

              I was hoping there might be a way to reorder the hole table in any order you wished. Like the drag and drop function on the BOM tables.

              Neil H.
              Design Engineer
              Vt. Composites
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                  Thomas Digilio

                  i think i figured this out...i:


                  1) deleted the hole table from the drawing

                  2) ordered the holes in the part's feature mgr tree, the way i wanted them, alphabetically

                  3) re-inserted the hole table into the drawing


                  so far, so good...it was helpful to me to rename the holes in the feature-manager tree to the Letter name that was originally on the dwg.

                  i am happy now; i was pretty hacked off when i deleted a hole labeled "E" and the table renamed the series to "K", the next letter in the sequence!

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                Spencer Kane

                I've run into this same issue. Yes, every hole is labeled, but not in a very organized way.


                For example, I've got two linear rails side by side. There's many holes along the rail. The table will organize them up/down then left/right.


                If I have two rails, this is how SW numbers them, assuming my origin is lower left:




                How I'd like to label them:



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                  Tom Helsley

                  This is a good one for the If you were in charge of SolidWorks, what would you change with Annotations? discussion.


                  A while back I had to re-dimension a drawing with many holes in it.  I used a hole table and the order I needed was a clockwise (or counter-clockwise) fashion around the edge of the part.


                  Manual control would be nice.  If I had a way to specify a (counter/)clockwise direction from a specified center point or something, that would be nice also.  It would also be best if I could control it regardless of whether the hole table had holes combined (with some limitations of course).

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                    Michael Deleo

                    Hello, this is years too late but I have a work around for this problem.

                    1. Select a Drawing View and Start a new hole table.
                    2. Select only the edge of one hole you want to be A
                    3. Click the green check
                    4. Find the Hole Table feature in the Design Tree
                    5. Right click and Edit Feature
                    6. Click in the Edges/Faces box
                    7. Select the edge of one hole you want to be B
                    8. Click the green check
                    9. Repeat  4 thru 8 for each hole size in the order you would like
                    10. After one hole has been set for each of the letters
                    11. Right Click the Hole Table feature and Edit Feature
                    12. Click in the Edges/Faces box
                    13. Select all the Faces in the Drawing View that contain holes
                    14. Click the green check

                    In SW 2016 this work around works. It is not pretty but if you need your holes in a specific order it works.