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    Prevent Saving Files outside the Vault

    Jeremy Schmidt
      Is there a way to prevent users from saving files outside the vault, or better yet, not allowing them to checkin an assembly that contains files from outside the vault?
        • Prevent Saving Files outside the Vault
          richard lock

          Unfortuanbly so long as you can navigate through the SolidWorks Save dialogue you will be able to save anywhere that you like or have permission to. The only way I can think of to do this would be to make every directory the users can navigate to read-only. Not exactly practical.


          (You could turn on 'can't ignore warnings' however this would cause problems in other areas (and I would not reconmmend it......there is an SPR to make this option more granular but at present it bascially hopeless) so about all that's left is to write your own add-in to check and reject the assembly before it is added to the vault)