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    template locations

      We are in our pilot phase of implementing SW and PDMWE and would like to make sure mapping locations are correct before we go live.

      After a lot of reading on the user forum and the solution base, it is looking like some of our mapping locations
      is not correct.

      the templates: This is from the solution base
      "Solution Id: S-011019
      When creating SolidWorks templates for the PDMWorks® Enterprise Template Manager, it is of importance to correctly configure the SolidWorks Document
      Properties for each SolidWorks templates. Note that SolidWorks templates i.e. DOTPRT, DOTDRW and DOTASM should not be stored as is in a PDMWorks®
      Enterprise vault but rather as regular SolidWorks files i.e. SLDPRT, SLDASM, SLDDRW."
      I was told that the templates should be in the vault by our VAR/installer.

      The design library location, we do not use the toolbox.
      Is this supposed to be in the vaulted area? if these files are not in the Vault they
      do not show up in the BOM, unless I am missing something.

      Could someone please push me in the right direction on file mapping locations?, any info on file mapping locations would
      be greatly appreciated.

      Sw 2008 sp3.1

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          Jeff Sweeney
          As far as true templates go, I like them in the vault if you are in a replicated environment -so everyone uses the same template. There is a current bug that the templates do need to be in your local cache so the SW interface will see them. The work around is easy enough I wouldn't let that deter you.
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            Jeff Sweeney
            The work around is to have the user choose a "Get Latest" on the folder that has the templates so they will be in the local cache.

            Reminder, if you ever update these templates you need to have the users do another "Get Latest"
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                Calvin Nelson
                Is there a way to set a specific directory to always get the latest version?
                I know it can be set globally for a group or user to always work with the latest version of all files in the DB, but I don't see a way to make it more specific.

                I think it would be nice to set up a Templates directory that always uses the latest version so that users don't have to think about going in and get the latest before they start working. And the admin wouldn't have to send out notices every time a slight change is made to the templates.

                If no one knows of a way to do this, then I'll send in an Enhancement Request.


                One way to do this would be to set up a separate vault for templates only and set the users to work with the latest versions of those files, but I think that would double license usage.
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                  Megan Fannon
                  Just wanted to thank you for this. We were having the same problem of templates (and formats) stored in the vault not showing up in the SW "New" dialog, and this was the post that solved it for me. Getting latest on our Templates and Formats folders lets the contents be visible to SolidWorks.

                  Thanks for helping a frustrated Admin sort things out.
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                      I am having an issue where any change to the templates do not go thru to EPDM
                      EPDm turns the template extensions to .ctf, this is what is loaded when creating a new Sw document.

                      GLV does not work for me, it does not see the modified templates as new.

                      our EPDM Server has not been updated to SP5.0 yet it is still on SP3.0

                      Glad this post fix your issue Megan, I find out so much great info in this user forum