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Metal Material Issues

Discussion created by Rob Rodríguez on Jun 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2008 by 1-9C36HC
OK. I've been trying models I have rendered previously with PW in PV. I opened (3) different 2008 version assemblies in 2009, saved the files and opened them in PV.

The first two model files immediately crashed PV so I couldn't test those. I did have one that opened OK. The model is an assembly of a pnuematic actuator. This model did have materials fully applied in SW but most of the materiasl didn't transfer into PV. So I dropped "cast stainless steel" (which is the material that was originally applied in SW) on the center housing and "brushed steel" (which is the material that was originally applied in SW) on the barrels.

The issue here is the materiasl look nothing like what they are supposed to? The cast stainless steel looks more like polished stainless or chrome. There is no bump and I don't see a setting to adjust this? The brushed steel looks really bad (certainly not like brushed steel). I did try adjusting some settings on this material but it didn't seem to amount to much?

The plastic matrials from the firetruck model worked and looked great. The metals on this model. Not so much. So I thought I'd try some of the glass and plastic materials and see how it went. Looks very NICE and the best part is the attached image final rendered in 2 minutes 38.5 seconds!

I do have a question. In the cast parts there are tapped holes but it's just a cut extrude (no thread). In PW I used the "neon strip" appearance to simulate the thread. It's convincing enough in the right situation. In PV this material isn't available and since it would be a texture I'm not sure RV would have enough mapping control to map it correctly. How can you simulate the thread in PV?

I've attched three images below. One is the PW image I created for my client using 2008. Another is the new PV image using the metals and the other is PV with glass and plastics.