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    EModelViewer won't open

    Steve Ignots
      I've used edrawings for years (2005, 2006 and now 2008) with no problems. Yesterday I tried to open one of our internal drawing files and got a box that says: EModelViewer Module had encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. I removed and reinstalled and get the same result. Any ideas? Steve
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          Lucas Dexter
          We are having major issues with eDrawings 2008 and PDMWE. The only way I can get eDrawings to open files is to use Edrawing office Automator instead of EmodelViewer.
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            Michael Rogers
            I am having the exact problem. Pretty sure the problem started with the latest release, 4.0
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              Ray Struik

              Have the same problem trying to open SW2009 drawings.

              Is there an solution ????
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                  Vajrang Parvate
                  Hi Steve / Michael / Ray,

                  Is opening of every drawing file crashing for you ? Or have either of your noticed something common in the drawings that crash eDrawings ?

                  Could you post a simple example of a drawing that crashes eDrawings 2009 SP04 when trying to open ? Perhaps I can take a quick look if it's something that I can reproduce.

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                  I had the same problem on a machine without solidworks (Free edrawings version).  It is edrawings 2009, and it was the exact same issue.  Uninstalling, and reinstalling did not work. I had to uninstall, then went to the installation folder (usually under program files) deleted it completely.  Then searched the registry and deleted all references to solidworks, including the SOLIDWORKS folder under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE


                  Then it worked....


                  The second machine is having similiar issue, but this is a full blown Solidworks machine with edrawings pro.  I got the same error when trying to publish a SW part. I do not get the error everytime in this case, but it starts to publish, opens edrawings, and then just closes.  So essentially it crashes with no error every single time, and it does not matter if it is a simple or complex part.  I was contemplating upgrading to SP4 or trying to uninstall edrawings, and delete the folder, and registry settings.  This may be a little more tricky on a full blown SW machine.


                  Thought I would share this anyway.

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                      Paul Kaiser

                      Hi Kevin,


                      Regarding the problem you're having on the second machine: what happens if, instead of publishing, you do File > Save As to an EPRT file, and then open that EPRT in eDrawings?


                      Also, which service pack of eDrawings 2009 are you using?




                      Paul Kaiser
                      Manager, eDrawings Development

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                          It creates the file fine.  However, when I try to open it in edrawings, it crashes.

                          We also created a edrawings model from another PC where it works, and then tried to open it on the affected PC, and it crashed again.


                          It is SP02 for Solidworks 2009.





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                            OK.  Tried SP4.  NO LUCK.  In fact, now SOLIDWORKS does the same thing.  You double click the Solidworks SP4 program icon, and it starts to load (tracked it via task manager process tab).  It loads the .exe, the license process, and the temp license process, then suddenly the program exe disappears and the other two follow suite.


                            I turned on system restore on XP with a  system checkpoint from before I installed the SP04.  I am rolling back to that time so the user can use SOLIDWORKS.


                            So this still seems to be an issue...



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                          Cristiano Lautert

                          i have the same problem. but in SW2013.

                          I publish, or save as, in edrawing and crash! eModelviewer doesnt work;


                          Anybody know resolve this?


                          thank's my friends!!