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Materials and Color

Question asked by Bill Rose on Jun 25, 2008
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2008 by Bill Rose
The materials dialog has long been an aggravation. It defaults to using the assigned material color instead of leaving your color choice alone until you tell it otherwise. I don't know what most users do but for me color is only used to tell one part from another on the screen. I do not need to see the materials when I look at a model, that has zero value. Beyond that, if everything in the assembly is steel it would all be the same color and would be difficult to work with and ugly to look at.

So, I notice there seems to be a problem with SP4.0 -- when I assign a material type the color either changes to the material color or it removes the color if the box is un-checked. Your original color is gone and you have to undo, go to the color dialog and memorize the color numbers, then change the material and after that, go back and change the color using your memorized numbers. Or you could just start over and assign a new color from scratch. It didn't used to do this to you, you could retain the original color choice when the box was not checked, not anymore!

I'd like the material color to be an opt-in rather than an opt-out choice but this needs to be fixed so it's at least no worse than it was before. Did anyone else notice this bug?