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Read Vault from Other Software

Question asked by Todd Bohlen on Jun 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2016 by Nikki Egleton
Ok, this will be confusing, so bear with me.

We have an MRP system (PO's, Inventory, Project BOMs, all our part numbers, shipping, receiving - all that stuff). Anyway, this MRP system will store a hyperlink to specific documents. Here's a hypothetical example: Part 3 is a highly proprietary hose clamp that we're famous for - people pay LOTS of money for them. (We don't actually make hose clamps - we make subseas control systems - remember, I'm using a hypothetical example). The hyperlink will open a drawing of that hose clamp. Or we have Document 9, which is a coating spec. The hyperlink will open that word document (or a PDF of it).

Regardless, the hyperlinks are tied to a vault program that we have (not PDMW or PDMWE). The MRP will actually get into the vault and pull out the document (or the document PDF - it seems that you can get either, but they're read only here).

The hyperlink is for a read only, viewable, printable "copy" of what is in the vault.

Can we ditch the current vault, move everything to PDMW and let our MRP do the same thing - read into the PDMW vault and give a viewable, printable document? Our current MRP system is written on an Access database, if that makes any difference. Perhaps PDMW can automatically generate a PDF for all documents checked in and let those PDFs be read by our MRP?

Toss in some ideas please! I'm going to try to convince the bosses to dump an extra vault that we pay a lot of money for every quarter - we still use PDMW for SW files, but everything else goes into the other vault.