Rob Rodríguez

Good example of some capabilities needed

Discussion created by Rob Rodríguez on Jun 25, 2008
The image below is a recent image I finished for Rock of Ages. It's not perfect but PW has allowed me to produce a decent quality product and since I've done it a few hundred times now I can create them rather quickly.

The image is a great example of the kind of capabilities I'd need in PV to complete projects for ROA.


The majority of the materials in this image are custom textural materials created from image files. The only exception would be the bronze door material.

This is why PV in it's current state wouldn't be a good solution for me.


I've taken the building which was rendered out of PW using an alpha channel and combined it with a background image in Corel. It looks OK but the perspective isn't quite right. I placed the background image in PW and tried to match the perspective as best I could but this is difficult in PW becasue it distorts the background image to fit the SW graphics area. So you get it close in SW, turn off the background, save the rendering and begin post processing. Problem is it never quite matches

PV definately needs background image capability and it would be great if it had some sort of perspective matching tools.

Post Processing

The plants and shrubs are all done in Corel and you can probably tell I'm not the best Corel user. Currently PW has no way to incorporate scene elements such as this. It would be extremely helpful if PV could read in non SW file formats (3ds, obj, etc) and allow for those files to be placed in the scene with the SW geometry.