Gary Moore

Baloon numbering problem

Discussion created by Gary Moore on Jun 25, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2008 by Tim Ordway
We use a PARTS ONLY BOM type and check DON'T SHOW CHILD COMPONENTS IN BOM WHEN USED AS A SUB-ASSEMBLY in the configuration manager of sub-assemblies where we want the number of subs (not parts - for instance a purchased assembly) to show on the BOM. To control the numbering of balloons we use a custom property we call "detail" that is applied to each part or sub-assembly that is to be counted by number of subs. A "detail" column is added to the BOM & the "Item" column is hidden. This produces a bill that correctly counts parts & subs & shows the correct "detail" number of each.

The problem comes with the balloons. The balloon options are set to show the custom property "detail" instead of the item number. When a balloon is attached to a sub that has DON'T SHOW CHILD COMPONENTS.......... checked the balloon is empty & when the cursor is placed over the balloon the message "Missing Custom Property: $PRPMODEL:"detail"" is shown (even though in the BOM "detail" is found & shown correctly for this sub).

What I have found is that the balloon is looking for the custom property at the child component level instead of the parent sub level. A work around would be to place the custom proberty in every child component but that would be a pain.

Any ideas?