Rob Lembke

Run SP4.0 Admin Image Un-Quietly?

Discussion created by Rob Lembke on Jun 24, 2008
Hi guys -

We've begun rolling out 2008 with the new SP4.0 here. I've created an admin image using SLDIM and things have been running fairly well (other than DWGeditor requiring an uninstall and reinstall to function - different topic).

On some machines, however, folks are getting random MSI errors. I've opened a ticket with my reseller and are discussing the issues.

In the mean time, I've discovered if I run the installation manually from the DVD (SP0 of course) on these PCs, some little gotcha errors pop up that I haven't seen before. Some have been add-in incompatibility errors, others AutoCAD XChange questions, and the like. I'm guessing these little gotcha messages are what's killing my silent admin installs. It seems the admin image and the admindirector.xml don't quite know how to deal with these errors and just give up.

Is there any way to install from an admin image in a full verbose mode as if you were doing a local install from the DVD? That way, these individual problem PCs could respond to these errors and allow the install to complete?

Thanks everyone! Great forum!