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    3D Connexion SpaceNavigator not recognizing SolidWorks

    Jim Steinmeyer

      For the last few weeks when ever I reopen SW I have had to re-start the driver for my SpaceNavigator so I haven't been using it as much as normal. Yesterday I was working on some 3D sketches and the Navigator helps greatly so I attempted to start it up but now am completely unable to get it to work with SW. If I open the manager dialogue it indicates what application is active with it. The manager will not activate with SW no matter what I do. It will activate for Outlook, Firefox, Word or any other application I open but not SW. I have even shut down and opened only SW before opening the manager and it indicated no application is running.


      I contacted 3DConnexion this morning and they suggested doing a "clean uninstall" and reinstall which I did twice to no effect. Does anyone have other suggestions as to what i might try? This seems to be a software issue with SW only so maybe there is a SW setting I need to change.