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BOM Equation Text Colors - Not Staying

Question asked by Benjamin Walker on Jun 17, 2016

Hello everyone,


I hope this will be an easy one, but I can't seem to figure it out nor find an answer.


All I'm trying to do is color the text in certain cells of a BOM. The table lets me color the text of other cells, but if there is an equation in that cell, the color won't stay. You can highlight the text, select the color, and see it change while the text is still highlighted, but soon as you press enter or click elsewhere, it goes right back to the standard color of the table.


The screenshot is just a quick "General Table" I made to experiment with. So long as there is no equation in the cell, anything and everything under the sun seems to work just fine. But as you can see, the equation in the bottom left there, goes right back to the standard color.



Not sure if it matters, but all the equation is doing is =SUM(BOM Cell Value * Custom Property Value)


Also, still on 2015 here unfortunately.


Thanks everyone!