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File name, location and file sharing rules?

Question asked by Jodi Moore on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2016 by John Stoltzfus

Does anyone else have issues with rebuild errors with SW2015 (student edition 2015-2106)  due to file saving/file name/location/sharing related changes?



Sorry to be not very specific but I'm not sure what is causing the confusion /rebuild errors.  I think it has to do with how I am saving things, and I'm probably doing things that SW doesnt like.  For example, it doesn't seem to like it if I try and save my current file as an existing file, and want to 'replace' the file.  Even if I go ahead and delete the old version first, then save the current version as the same name, its like its looking for the old file?? And even with the old file long gone, the new one will open with some of the old files aspects, and not show the recent changes, i.e. the reason I trashed the original and made another one, it seems to be the most recent changes that get lost.  I'm not sure if it always does this, I'm confused as to the exact cause and what the rules are around this?  Does anyone else run into similar problems?



The only work around I have figured out is saving it as a new name entirely.  Which is not ideal as what if you have used the correct title already?  I am supposed to save files as specific file names. So it doesnt really help me submitting for example



StudentName_Project Name 27   (as in version number 27)

when it should be simply   "StudentName_Project Name"



I get scared opening a project on a new computer that it will open fine without error messages and possibbly even parts missing...  Any hints and info around this would be awesome please?


I am not at a stage where my first attempt at a drawing turns out to be the final product, how is the best way to save along the way?  Can I save for example;


new part

new part1

new part2

new part3


then when i get it looking right, rename "new part 3" to "new part" without issues?  That's what I've been trying to do (it's how I work engineering audio sessions when saving mixes so I can refer back to previous versions of mixes easily), but I think SW doesn't like it?



Another scenario that seems to cause tissues is if for I remove for example "new part1", "new part2", "new part3" from the folder, (i.e. to try and clean up my folder before submission) and keep only "new part".  Then when I go to open 'new part" I get rebuild errors. Even though it was working perfectly the last 30 times I opened it. Can you only have one file per part ever?  I.e. you cant have various versions? Unless you're willing to keep all of the versions together all the time, and in the original place that they were saved? Help?