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Models getting stuck while saving...or not saving

Question asked by Joe Grosskopf on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2016 by Joe Grosskopf

We've been battling issues like this since we've been using solidoworks. Our re-sellers keeps telling us the network, the server, the pc etc. We ruled all that out and still having issues. Our Vault server is a quad core zeon with 156 GB of ram runnign windows 2008 server with sql 2012. Our network is  a 1 GB lan. And we upgraded a computer to a 10 core processor, 32 GB ram, 2 SSD drives and an nvidia K4200 card. Our issue seems to be when exiting or saving models. We wil lopen a model, move a part, then attempt yo exit. The system will ask if we are making any changed, we click "do not save" and we will get the spinning circle for 30-60 seconds or more. before it does anything. We are exiting without saving, What could the software possible be doing? It's like it is waiting for something to timeout.