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    Fitting hole size to E-Stop

    Kris Hewes

      Hello All,


      I am an intern at a large industrial plant, and I'm doing the finishing touches on an electric cabinet assembly for sheet metal.  I do not have all of the electric components I need, but they are ordered and on their way.  I am very nervous to send in my sheet metal assembly and find later that the components do not fit in their specified holes.


      Just to be clear, if I am buying a 22 mm E-stop button with a 50 mm mushroom top, should my hole be 22 mm dia?  Below is a link to the button I purchased.



      E22JLB2N8B | Push-pull Pushbutton: 22 mm, red, mushroom operator, EMERG. STOP

      Any clarification would be much appreciated.

      Thank you,

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          Randal Swearingen

          Review the spec

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            The hole in your sheet metal should be a nominal 22mm.  The mounting dimensions in your specification link give you everything you need to dimension the hole:  It will be 22.5mm diameter, and needs a notch to prevent the pushbutton from rotating during installation.  The 50mm dimension refers to the mushroom head itself.


            More than likely, your sheet metal shop already has either a standard hole definition for their laser cutter which includes the keyway, or a sheet metal punch which does the hole and keyway all in one stroke.


            Rather than asking us here in the soldworks forum, you should ask your sheet metal shop.  They'll appreciate being included in the process and SHOULD be happy to answer a question from a new designer.  If they have the punch already, they'll tell you to simply call out something like "standard 22mm P.B. punch" or whatever terminology that shop prefers.

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              Anna Wood



              Read the specs on your parts.

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                J. Mather

                Kris Hewes wrote:

                ....a 22 mm E-stop button, should my hole be 22 mm dia?

                Be sure you check out the spec sheet, but one of the most common beginner mistakes that I see is CAD users thinking the shop floor can make perfect parts - just like the CAD software will do.


                The shop floor cannot make a Ø22mm hole. Period!

                The component maker cannot make a Ø22mm cylinder to go into that hole. Period!


                There are tolerances associated with every dimension and manufacturing process.

                The closer you hold those tolerances - the more expensive the part.


                Even if the features could be manufactured down the atomic level at perfect 22mm, the parts would not fit together by hand.  It would require a press to assemble the parts because both parts have atoms on the 22mm diameter circle.


                Bottom line - always consider manufacturing tolerances and the clearances needed for assembly.