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Fitting hole size to E-Stop

Question asked by Kris Hewes on Jun 17, 2016
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Hello All,


I am an intern at a large industrial plant, and I'm doing the finishing touches on an electric cabinet assembly for sheet metal.  I do not have all of the electric components I need, but they are ordered and on their way.  I am very nervous to send in my sheet metal assembly and find later that the components do not fit in their specified holes.


Just to be clear, if I am buying a 22 mm E-stop button with a 50 mm mushroom top, should my hole be 22 mm dia?  Below is a link to the button I purchased.



E22JLB2N8B | Push-pull Pushbutton: 22 mm, red, mushroom operator, EMERG. STOP

Any clarification would be much appreciated.

Thank you,