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PDM Pro 2016 / VPN - Could not access the item in database.

Question asked by Jeff Choi on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2017 by Gregory Howe

Hello everyone,


We just installed Solidworks PDM 2016 Pro at the office and can access the PDM vault from the local network at the office just fine,

but cannot access the database/ PDM vault via VPN (PPTP, SSL) .


TCP/UDP ports 1433, 3030 firewall policy/port forwarding have been added to Watchguard XTM 26-W firewall device,

and we can telnet 1433, 3030 ports, ping local PDM server via VPN. Also we can access shared network folders via VPN. 


Not sure why we can't access the PDM vault / database via VPN (PPTP, SSL).

Do we need to add additional port forwarding to our firewall other than 1433, 3030 to access the PDM vault/database via VPN?


Thanks in advance.


Attached is the screen shot of the error msg, via VPN and our current firewall policy.