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Anyone using this?

Question asked by Matt Feider on Jun 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2008 by Matt Feider
Just wondering if anyone was using this "DON'T SHOW CHILD COMPONENTS IN BOM WHEN USED AS A SUB-ASSEMBLY" in combination with a PARTS ONLY BOM on a drawing? I think I understand what it is doing, but I have to admit it is a bit strange on how solidworks set this up.

From my estimation it is similar to a function in Inventor that essentially allows one to play a bit with phantom type sub-assemblies. Thought this is a bit upside down from Inventors method of implementation. Essentially it turns everything phantom (or all sub-components showing through, ignoring the sub-assy levels) with the PARTS ONLY choice on the BOM. And then turning off (or back to normal) the ones you don't want in this phantom mode with the above option on the configuration of the component.

One big issue being that this option being at the sub-assembly level you cannot have it both ways, or rather you have to have two configs one with this option checked and another with it unchecked if you need both types of BOMs for different situations. Or if the same sub-assembly is used in two top levels and this option needs to be different per use you also run into issues.

Just wondering
1. if anybody else here has used this concept
2. if anybody has used this option for another idea
3. if anyone knows of any issues with this option, especially since solidworks has it off as default in their templates.
4. if others agree this is a bit upside down (as I would like to make the decision to make phantom at the parent level not the child level, but that is just me)
5. if anyone out there really even uses the Parts only BOM choice.

Would love to hear ideas on this. As I cannot find much on it in help files or in my searches out on the net. I plan on researching a bit more, and always like to include this forum in as part of that.