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    hatch pattern not updating

    Jodi Moore

      Hi there,


      I am having a problem with hatch patterns.  I have assigned different materials to various parts of an assembly.  I have a section view on an assembly drawing, but all the hatch patterns are the same, same angle, same spacing.  I have tried to get some variation going to make my drawing correct and the parts look more distinguishable by:


      going into the property manager, and changed the material, the 'apply changes immediately' box is ticked, then hit the green tick at the top of the property manager.  No joy.



      So I unticked 'material crosshatch' to try and change it manually, changed the scale, degree, and hot the green tick,

      and again, no joy.


      I have tried saving and closing the project, and re-opening but the changes have not been applied/updated visually. 


      The name of the material is showing in the dropdown field in the propety manager, but on the actual drawing the hatch pattern looks like all the parts are made from the same material. 


      Strangely enough, if I opt for 'solid', the part instantly changes to a solid black appearance.  So it's like my property manager area hatch/fill is only half working?? I know that doesn't sound right or likely, and I do think its the nut behind the wheel (i.e. me)  But I cant get it to work and my section view looks wrong.  Please help if you know of this problem and where I'm going wrong, or a work around?


      I've included a pic of my very all the same looking cross section.  Please help?

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          Jason Reese

          Hi.. Under Apply to: try Region

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            Kelef Man

            hei'ya Jodi,


            just a thought-

            have you assigned the specific hatching to the material,

            for each part.

            also if a material does not have an assigned crosshatch

            it gets the default setting- which makes them all look the same

            the default hatch is in :-


            Document Properties>Material

            Properties settings.

            just a thought- without a sample file

            to check your settings

            hope this helps- have a good'n kelef

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              Sarah Dwight

              I don't seem to have any problems changing the hatch by degree or material. SW16 SP3

              I thought it might be that you were missing a local file containing the hatch information, but the bolt  seems to be of a different material in the image provided ...and I couldn't figure out where that info was stored. Perhaps in the material database files?


              Try changing the scale of your view? just to see if it is working.

              Mine didn't show up well until I changed the scale of my drawing view.

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                Swapnil Dhake

                Hi Jodi,

                Try increasing the hatch pattern scale and then rebuilding drawing.

                (Also, for steel parts, try changing the angle/scale)

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                  Jodi Moore

                  Hello, thanks for your replies !!  I tried Kelefs suggestion by really quickly creating 4-5 new parts, assigning them different materials, creating a (random) assembly, then made a quick assembly drawing with the cross section view. To try and see if I could check if it had cross hatches assigned.  This time Solidworks is showing different hatch patterns for different material!?  And i am able to edit them.. !?   I have attached a pic of this (Please excuse the random basic parts, the point is their material and I didnt want to use other files that are i use for other projects as it seems Solidworks doesn't like sharing files and rebuilding etc without errors - I don't understand Solidworks file location and file sharing rules yet)


                  Long of the short its that  it is a glitch :/   I have tried closing /reopening program etc, retstarting computer, but that file will not allow changes to be made to the hatch pattern.  Weird.


                  So I started over and have created a new assembly drawing.  The new one DOES allow me to make changes to the hatch patern angle, scale, the works


                  All I can think of is that as I am learning I made many errors, undo, etc and Solidworks just didnt like that many changes .. I dont know. Obviously it should not glitch like this but in its defense that drawing was far from a smooth run.  And now in new drawings it is working. I have now learnt how to save BOM and sheet template (to save me from redoing all of it) so there's a nice bonus


                  I am using the student edition so SW2015 (2015-2016 edition).


                  Thanks again for everyones input and help !!



                  hatch glitch trial.jpg

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                    Scott Owen

                    Editing cross hatching has always been an intermittent problem over the years. I have never had a version of SolidWorks where cross hatching worked consistently. Sometimes editing the scale of one cross hatch will effect the display of another. I am using SWX 2015 (didn't like the 2016 UI). I have the recommended video card drivers and my CAD machine is a beast so I don't believe it to be a hardware issue. I hope this gets fixed in 2017.

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                      Jason Young

                      Hatch patterns are assigned at the material level.....

                      you need to edit the  hatch pattern there, obviously if you are using the same material you will get the same hatch pattern result.

                      I think you are able to edit them at the drawing level, that should help with clarity.

                      Also in SW 2017, the is a new cross-section highlighting technique.

                      I have not yet worked it out though.


                      Hope this helps.