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hatch pattern not updating

Question asked by Jodi Moore on Jun 17, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2020 by Ken Burch

Hi there,


I am having a problem with hatch patterns.  I have assigned different materials to various parts of an assembly.  I have a section view on an assembly drawing, but all the hatch patterns are the same, same angle, same spacing.  I have tried to get some variation going to make my drawing correct and the parts look more distinguishable by:


going into the property manager, and changed the material, the 'apply changes immediately' box is ticked, then hit the green tick at the top of the property manager.  No joy.



So I unticked 'material crosshatch' to try and change it manually, changed the scale, degree, and hot the green tick,

and again, no joy.


I have tried saving and closing the project, and re-opening but the changes have not been applied/updated visually. 


The name of the material is showing in the dropdown field in the propety manager, but on the actual drawing the hatch pattern looks like all the parts are made from the same material. 


Strangely enough, if I opt for 'solid', the part instantly changes to a solid black appearance.  So it's like my property manager area hatch/fill is only half working?? I know that doesn't sound right or likely, and I do think its the nut behind the wheel (i.e. me)  But I cant get it to work and my section view looks wrong.  Please help if you know of this problem and where I'm going wrong, or a work around?


I've included a pic of my very all the same looking cross section.  Please help?