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Materials Application in Photoview

Discussion created by Kevin Quigley on Jun 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2008 by Ricky Jordan
Following on from my earlier merged comments.

On a fast machine (liek this quad or an 8 core) the realtime performance is good enough to let it sit for a few seconds until the preview updates with enough resolution to let you accurately apply to faces etc. On an older machine I doubt this is the case.

Dynamic highlighting would be the best option for sure, or if not that then being able to preselect faces and objects and having a right click option on the material to "apply to selected entities" - but that of course requires that you can pre select!

No, being realistic with the timescales I suggest having a simple keyboard shortcut to suspend updates or turn off some of the realtime features to speed up rendering. Again, this is something Hypershot has learned from in that when it first came out it had no options, but as the users commented that they were actually using single core machines and not 8 core monster Macs we needed the capability to stop the live updates so that we could quickly apply materials and then do the updates.

I don;t know how easy this would be to implenet in PhotoView but could you offer a couple of options:

1. Turn of all view updates
2. Turn of self shadowing in the view

I think myself that as the link into SolidWorks becomes more defined this will be a minor issue to many users but it will be an issue for those standalone users.