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Driveworks Xpress ignoring model rules while only running assembly rules.

Question asked by Logan Burkardt on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by Logan Burkardt

Created a 4 piece assembly (4 frame pieces that make a square window). With a set of rules I would like to resize, suppress/unsuppress features on the models, and suppress a piece of the frame (Suppress top piece to make it easy to insert another window above).


Where it started going wrong:
I was able to set rules to resize/suppress/unsuppress features of the frame models with no trouble. Ran several configurations with no issues.


Next I added a new rule (MenuSelect) so that I can, in creation, select Above/Below to suppress a frame piece and simultaneously re-feature the end cuts to provide a smooth and seamless transition to adding another window on top.


The Issue: When Suppressing a frame piece, naturally some of the constraints will break due to surfaces no longer being there. To combat this I created planes in the assembly that mimic the distances given to my window frame size and are constrained to the same rule set the height/width of the frame is and constrained the frame pieces to the planes.


Therefore in theory I should be able to select in my form a:
36" x 36" window
Top open

And I would like it to Change the dimensions/features of each frame piece, suppress the top piece, and move the planes so the frame pieces are aligned at the correct distances.


After setting up the Planes I ran another instance of the window.
This is what happens:

Opens file
Changes plane distances to the value I typed in (this is the same rule/value that is applied to the frame dimensions)
Suppresses planes (have no idea why I have no rules tied to the actual plane feature)
Changes configuration to: Open Top
Saves file


The Models are completely ignored and I end up with correctly constrained models but incorrect lengths.


Basically can anyone tell my why my Driveworks suddenly started running only the assembly edits instead of the model edits as well?