Kevin Quigley

Positioning objects against a background image

Discussion created by Kevin Quigley on Jun 24, 2008
Mark, I think you have seen the video I did on the main beta forum with Hypershot (and don't worry Joe I fully understand why you can't comment on other apps but I can ).

One of the main USPs of Hypershot for me was being able to import a background image and position my model in realtime against the image. When you are preparing a design presentation you are always up against time and this kind of montaging was always a pain to do and never looked quite right. Up until Hypershot I was using FormZ for this as it has a good perspective mapping option but there you are dealing with wireframes or OpenGL shaded views.

With Hypershot it is much more direct and simple and I think better.

9 times out of ten I can get it right without subsequent PhotoShop work. In FormZ or Cinema 4D it was 50% or less. In terms of time saved, this does not consider the savings gained by actually getting the realtime preview so there are no re-renders because a reflection is wrong either.

Example. One retail display job we used to do in FormZ for rendering used to take 10+ hrs to render and do all the post work in Photoshop. The same job can be done in Hypershot in around 2 hrs with hardly any post work required (aside from the usual levasl and curves adjustments).

Getting back to PhotoView, if you enable this use of background imagery you also need to enable camera perspective adjustment (so the user can match the perspective to the photograph used).

I understand that this may not be on the cards and if you are using Photoshop it is not a huge issue as you can use the distort commands to transform the isolated render over the same image backdrop.

For most users though being able to utilise existing backdrop photography and place objects live in the scene will be all that is required at this stage.