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Solidworks loading - assembly tree not showing

Question asked by Carl Herrmann on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by Carl Herrmann

I've found a weird error with a particular assembly I'm trying ot load


When I load this assembly on my work laptop, it sort of loads.

-The geometry appears

-I can pan, rotate, and zoom with the mouse

-I can right click on parts and there's an abbreviated menu ("Invert Selection", "Select Sub-Assembly", "Hide", etc.), but doesn' have the "open part" command. 

-On the right ,I can select between feature manager, configuration manager, etc, but each window is blank beneath it.

- If I right click on the blank space in the feature manager, I get the same abbreviated menu as above ("Invert Selection", "Select Sub-Assembly", "Hide", etc.), as though the parts are there, only not being shown.


If I try to close solidworks while the assembly is loading, it appears frozen - it won't let me close. 
Also, the task manager only shows Solidworks using ~300 mb of memory, which sounds suspiciously low to me.


This only happens on the one assembly -


On my personal laptop, these issues don't show up.  I even opened / saved it on my personal laptop, which didn't help.

Both laptops have about 15 gigs of memory.  The work laptop is using windows 10, where the personal one is still on windows 7. 


Any suggestions for where to to start looking?