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What to comment on?

Discussion created by Kevin Quigley on Jun 24, 2008
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Mark and Joe, this is aimed more at you but the obvious direct comparison for this software is Hypershot in terms of functionality and interface. Do you guys want us to comment on positioning of this product or just to focus on functionality and issues?

I find myself think as I use it that the two kind of go hand in hand though.

If I understood correctly, the current plan is to push this out with SW2009 Office Professional as a kind of alternative rendering option to PhotoWorks. I can kind of see the logic in that as I know lots of Office Pro users who never use PhotoWorks but who would use this.

On the other hand I know a lot more Standard users who use third party rendering solutions - myself included - where the additional cost or buying Professional is hard to justify for whatever reasons. So the question is are there plans to introduce something for these users?

You mentioned that this product will be available on Mac and PC so this assumes it will be a standalone product as well (unless there are some real surprises in store!)?

In which case it is directly up against Hypershot. So this assumes that it has to offer something extra based upon price, features or integration with SolidWorks.

On that basis Luxology (who presumably develop this for SolidWorks) sell Modo for $895 - and that is modelling/rendering and animation. I'm not taking any bets that Luxology will introduce a SolidWorks file import option for Modo sometime soon or that this realtime capability will make its way into Modo.

In which case why would a Standard SolidWorks user buy PhotoView over Hypershot or a Modo offspring?

I think there is a case for putting PhotoView into Standard, even if it has features stripped out or resolution restrictions, with the full system in Professional. Rob R and myself discussed a similar issue on the main beta forum a week or two back and this integration with RealView does kind of lend itself to that logic ,well in my head anyway - which is not saying much