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Any long term experience with overclocking? 

Question asked by Chris B. on Jun 16, 2016

Hi All,

We're considering purchasing an overclocked system.

Getting processor speed up is definitely nice for SolidWorks work.

But some articles online have mentioned potential disastrous reliability issues.


Puget Systems website says the risks include:

  1. System rebooting unexpectedly
  2. Bluescreens
  3. Failure to boot/POST
  4. Data corruption
  5. Inaccurate calculations
  6. Premature failure of components

Also heard performance is more apt to degrade over time than a normal system.


Anybody experienced these with overclocking?


We've had rock-solid reliability from our HP Z620 and Z640 workstations for years now.

Wouldn't want to compromise that in any way.


We're looking at a system with the new i7 Skylake 6700k overclocked to 4.5Ghz

Out of the box it runs at 4.0GHz, which should be pretty fast.  Maybe better just to leave it stock?

Anyone running a stock one?