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First impressions

Discussion created by Kevin Quigley on Jun 24, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2008 by Rob Rodríguez
I've been playing with PhotoView (PV) for a couple of hours this morning so my initial comments are based on this and running a few of the files I'm currently testing with 2009 beta.

Realtime Speed: Overall pretty good in realtime (I'm runninga HP xw4600 Quad core with Quadro FX1700 card and XP). Compared to Hypershot, very similar.

Interface: I like it. Nice and clean and simple. The select option (already highlighted by default) doesn't appear to do anything.

Rendering Speed: Maybe a bit down on Hypershot (not run head to heads yet) but this is harder to comapre as the rendering settings are not necesarily the same.

Materials: Great choice, nice interface, easy to apply by dragging, but could do with more dynamic feedback when dragging onto individual entities (eg faces should highlight when materials are dragged onto them). Nitpicking - Galvanized has a typo - Glavanized.

Environments: Again nice interface. The backdrop with overhead spotlight one isn't working. Interesting aside - you can drag the environments on the objects like the materials yet dragging the environments on the background has no effect.

Obviously at the moment a lot of the functionality from menus isn't active yet so I'm shooting in the dark a bit here but my main questions would be:

1. How do you create your own materials - or is this all done via SolidWorks?
2. How do you change the perspective of the camera?
3. Can you turn off the HDRI environment and render with the same lighting but to a plain colour background (I think this is an important one - yes you could montage the image in Photoshop via the alpha channel but I suspect this product is aimed at users who don't have Photoshop).
4. Mark I mentioned the photographic background for lining up objects to a pre-existing background. Again for the intended market this would be a great workflow helper.
5. Will there be a way to manipulate the entities aside from Show/Hide? eg could we move them or utilise the mating from an assembly?

I'm going to get Hypershot installed on this machine as well as this is the most direct competitor so I can evaluate relative rendering speeds, but yes, first impressions are very favorable.