Toobox browser will not open after upgrade

Discussion created by 1-7UEHFD on Jun 24, 2008

I have just upgraded to SW 2008 sp4.0 (stand alone Education Edition) from SW 2007 sp5.0, and I am getting the message"Toolbox browser is not installed or added in" when SW starts up. Using the add-in menu solves nothing. The toolbox browser files are properly loaded. This was a common problem with SW 2007 sp5.0. I used to do a detect and repair, with the antivirus off and the problem would go away on reboot.

SW 2008 does not have a detect and repair function. I completely uninstalled both SW 2007 and SW 2008, and used the disk clean up utility inside McAfee antivirus and cleaned up all loose registry entities, and other acumulated clutter. I use the McAfee utility as part of my computer maintenance.
Upon reboot SW 2008 sp2.0 was installed , and computer rebooted. Sp4,0 was installed and rebooted. Mcafee was used to clean disk again, and when SW 2008 sp4.0 was started message saying "could not load item or component missing" flashed several times. OK was clicked at each instant, and SW loaded, and error message telling me tool box is not loaded or added in appears.
Why does this happen? The required items are placed in default location.
How can I fix this outside of a complete reinstall?
Reboots do not work now.
Is there a patch that can be dowloaded?
What should I be doing to prevent this from happening again?"
Can I assume that the McAfee disk clean up utility may be responsible for deleting an important SW entery?