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    Keeping versions between revisions

    Jennifer Bahnsen
      Our vault server is getting full and I was thinking about what we can do to help alleviate the problem (besides getting a larger server.) One of the things I thought about was why do we need to keep all of the versions of a file between the last released one and the newly revised and released one? Depending on how often someone checks in the file before releasing it, there are a lot of versions that aren't really needed. The only ones that really matter are the released ones.

      Does anyone know if it is possible to delete versions?
        • Keeping versions between revisions
          Wayne Tiffany
          Yes - check into Cold Storage Schema.

            • Keeping versions between revisions
              Jennifer Bahnsen
              I read up on the Cold Storage Schema and it seems like it can do what I want - get rid of the versions in between releases.

              There isn't anything written up in the Admin manual but I'm assuming a file can be retrieved from cold storage if needed?
                • Keeping versions between revisions
                  Jeremy Schmidt
                  I'm not sure how to get the history updated accordingly, but you can always just move the file from the cold storage directory back to the original server directory and add the appropriate file extension back on.
                    • Keeping versions between revisions
                      Mike Sveda
                      You cannot retrieve items from Cold Storage. It's just like deleting the files.
                        • Keeping versions between revisions
                          Joy Garon
                          Hello All -

                          I know this topic is kind of old, but, I wanted to add two things:
                          1. Be careful with Cold Storage as there is currently no restore capability and it could cause an issue if you wanted to rollback. If you wanted to rollback to a point prior to where the cold stored version resided, the rollback would fail because the file is missing.

                          2. Consider using 'Compressing a Vault Archive' - you can find information on this by doing a search on the Installation guide.
                          By default, all older versions in a file archive are stored uncompressed in their original format on the archive server. To save space, you can enable compression on all file versions older than the most recent version. The most recent version is always stored uncompressed for optimal performance during transfers between client and server.
                          To enable archive server compression on the server, we recommend using the Enterprise PDM policy.

                  • Keeping versions between revisions
                    Brian Slick
                    Interested in this as well. In I-DEAS, we require users to go back and individually clean up non-essential versions before allowing new data to be issued. Doesn't sound like the equivalent is possible in Enterprise. As Wayne mentioned, Cold Storage is about the only option we've heard about. We don't really like it, because it shifts the responsibility of data cleanup from the users to the administrator, something that neither party wants. (Well, I'm sure the users will be thrilled, right up until the point that something they wanted to keep is blown away by the administrator) We also hear that the numerous additional pieces of data being kept around don't really phase Enterprise/SQL that much, disk space is cheap, etc. This is going to be a fairly large paradigm shift for us.