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PDMWorks Workgroup & Event Triggering

Question asked by Vedran Ikonic on Jun 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2008 by Vedran Ikonic
Hello everyone.

Although this is my first post, I've done some extensive research on this subject and I was unable to find a straight forward procedure when it comes to event triggers in PDMWorks Workgroup.

Im an intern at my company, and I have been assigned a task to research and find out how we can implement PDMWorks Workgroup in our system because we already have the licenses and have been using SolidWorks for quite some time now. Revisioning and other tasks we're done manually so far and we would like to change that.

So far, I was able to successfully establish the PDMWorks Workgroup system, set it up to accommodate our needs and enable Lifecycle, Revision Schemes, etc.

Triggering is the only area I haven't been successful yet.

What I understand so far:

I need MSMQ Service installed along with Triggers on the server (done)

I need to have triggers enabled in VauldAdmin (done)

I need to have a custom VB application (can be done by one of our programmers)

What I don't understand is:

How do all these elements integrate?

I am not a programmer, but I'm not looking for a tutorial to write one. I'm merely looking for a tutorial on how to set up the triggers, and none that I've read so far explains that very question.

I have downloaded several example files, but I'm not sure what to do with them, since there isn't really a documentation accompanied with them telling me what to do.

My question is, am I missing something big? Is there a tutorial that covers the basic implementation of Triggers? Is there some kind of used sample code that I can look at as a reference?

I apologize for my obvious lack of knowledge, but I really would like to know if there's a "newbie guide to Triggers" or any guide that one can follow without much programming knowledge.

Thanks for the understanding

Vedran Ikonic