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    better surface transition

    Mau Ferrusca
      hi guys.

      i submit this file in order to ask you:

      i want to create a fillet that runs on the side of this part, but since it has a draft towards the top, the automatic fillet options are not cooperating with me.

      i want to be able to control the centerline of such fillet, so i can make a parting line right in the middle of it.

      so far, i doubt that my sketches or my geometry for that part are useful for my purpose.

      is there an easier way to create the fillet i want? i have been toying around with boundary and loft surfaces but i cannot obtain a satisfactory solution.

      i was thinking that i could offset all the lenght of the corner and project it to a surface that runs exactly thru the middle of the narrow side of my part, but i don't know if this would work.

      maybe my geometry is wrong or i am trying to draw something that mathematically can't exist.

      what would you do?

      thanx in advance!
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          Dwight Livingston
          As far as making a fillet goes, a full round fillet will work. You have to make the edge surfaces out to the extent of the fillet, and not try to have the fillet extend beyond the edge surfaces. All four corner fillets need to be inserted before the full round fillet, and their radii must be greater than the radius of the full round fillet.

          I'd show a picture but I've got a new [used] computer and haven't installed photoshop yet.

          As far as the parting line goes, I am interested what others here will say. I have had difficulty doing that. You'll find that a line perpendicular both to the centerline of the fillet and to the draw will pierce the fillet surface at the parting line. I suppose that doesn't really help.

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            Mau Ferrusca
            You are correct, Dwight. I managed to make a fillet with the full round fillet option and it automatically propagated all around the edges.

            I used my main sketch to find the mid section of the wall's thickness and i have my split line all across the sides. Let's see where I can go from here.

            Thanx for your help!
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              Mau Ferrusca
              thank u Dwight. you've been of great help! i hadn't noticed the lack of draft, but applying it solves most of the problems. thank u indeed. most appreciated.
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                  Dwight's solution is best for what you're trying to achieve, but if you need to actually use the Boundary feature in the future, there is a solution to the problem you've observed in the Boundary feature you created. If you select "next curve" in the tangent influence checkbox on your boundary's first curve set, you'll see that it gives you the full round look you're after. These tangent influence options are powerful for this kind of stuff.

                  Hope this helps.