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better surface transition

Question asked by Mau Ferrusca on Jun 23, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2008 by 1-9C36HC
hi guys.

i submit this file in order to ask you:

i want to create a fillet that runs on the side of this part, but since it has a draft towards the top, the automatic fillet options are not cooperating with me.

i want to be able to control the centerline of such fillet, so i can make a parting line right in the middle of it.

so far, i doubt that my sketches or my geometry for that part are useful for my purpose.

is there an easier way to create the fillet i want? i have been toying around with boundary and loft surfaces but i cannot obtain a satisfactory solution.

i was thinking that i could offset all the lenght of the corner and project it to a surface that runs exactly thru the middle of the narrow side of my part, but i don't know if this would work.

maybe my geometry is wrong or i am trying to draw something that mathematically can't exist.

what would you do?

thanx in advance!