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    Invalid goals?

      I have a model of a heatsink that I have been running through different scenarios (mostly different airflow rates, temperatures and fin geometries). All of a sudden I get this message that the goal is invalid....well, it's the same goal I've been running for two weeks: Maximum heatsink temperature.

      Considering how much this software costs, they could put a little more effort into documentation and error message details (and it should crash a LOT less too!).

      How can a max temperature goal that has been working fine for two weeks be "invalid". Yes, I changed the geometry...but how does this make max temp "invalid"

      ...unless the error really means something else (hence the need for better documentation).

      Does anyone have any suggestions?


        • Invalid goals?
          I increased the computational domain by 0.1in all the way around and now some of the simulations that claimed that the max temp goal was invalid run just fine. I still have a few that fail with the same message.

          The heatsink is fully ducted, so this is an INTERNAL simulation rather than external. I wouldn't think that the computational domain could make a max temp goal invalid.

            • Invalid goals?
              Chris Pellegrino
              I have seen that message from time to time also. I have seen it between configurations where the surfaces and their respective goals have not changed, yet in one configuration I get the message and the other I don't. Remeshing on the troubled surface with a slightly finer mesh fixed it. This is probably what changing the comp. domain probably in effect did the same thing - it moved the mesh around on the area causing the problem and luckily ended up in a situation where Floworks liked it....?