Steve Balfe

Getting started with COSMOSMotion

Discussion created by Steve Balfe on Jun 21, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2008 by Nguyen Hoang Tuan

I'm using Solidworks 2008 and I'm having trouble getting started with COSMOS motion.

It seems a little different to previous versions where the MotionManager appeared next to the ConfigurationManager (and I can't find any tutorial help files - just the example projects in the COSMOSMotion folder - any idea where the help files are?). I've enabled COSMOSMotion on the add-in's. The motion manager is at the bottom of the screen above the status bar. Is it possible to put this next to the Configuartion manager as before?

When I open the example projects there is a tab on the MotionManager called COSMOSMotion next to "Motion STudy 1" where I can manipulated the joints etc, but when I setup my own assembles I don't get this tab and I don't know how to add it. Please can you tell me how to add this to get me started. Thanks.

Any help much appreciated,