Mike Puckett

2008 SP 4.0 Troubles

Discussion created by Mike Puckett Employee on Jun 20, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2008 by Michael Beem
On three machines now I have had an issue of going to service pack 4.0 on them. I downloaded the raw file and as I launch the swspmanager file in the unzipped folder, it gets to the first screen asking if I want to upgrade, or roll back. I choose upgrade and it gets to the next screen where its asks for the DVD used for original installation. I have the DVD in the drive already, and if I hit retry, it doesnt find it, and asks for the DVD again. It will do this over and over. So I then browse to the .msi file its looking for, and it still asks for the DVD?

Two of the machines were originally set up with SP 0 DVD's, and the third was set up with a 2.1 DVD since we bought that seat later in the year. On the 2.1 machine, if I had the 0.0 DVD in the drive, it wouldnt work. As soon as I put the 2.1 DVD in it, it found the file, and the upgrade started. Does this mean I need the 3.1 DVD for the other machines?