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    Insert model view into drawing sheet question

    Paul Rachu
      In SW07 I could do this and I'm not sure if it was a setting or if it has been removed for some reason:

      I would have an exploded view of an assembly on sheet 1 of the drawing. I go to sheet 2, bring up the "model view" dialog to insert a part, go back to sheet 1, click the part that I want to insert, and when I clicked on the part it would automatically take me back to sheet 2 to place the view of that part.

      In SW08, I get to the point where I bring up the model view dialog, but when I go back over to sheet 1, the cursor goes back to its default state and exits the model view dialog I had open in sheet 2.

      Is there a setting that toggles this, or is it a feature that disappeared in SW08?