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Vortex flow control - Can this be modelled

Question asked by James Canney on Jun 19, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2008 by Bill McEachern
I am looking at Vortex flow controlers, these work with an inlet to a circular section, the inlet is tangential to this. The outlet is perpendicular to the inlet in the centre of the circular section.

As water flows in to the unit, it just passes through, as the preassure increases from greater hydrolic head a vortex is induced in the circular part which uses a section of trapped air in the unit. This vortex restricts the outflow of water down the outlet.

Could this situation be modelled in FloWorks, could I find out from the package what hydrolic head is needed to induce the vortex, and also what the volume of water leaving the unit is under a specific hydrolic head?

Note, I do not currently have Floworks, and am not an expert in fluid dynamics.

Any info would be appreciated.